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New Patients

Everyone is welcome at Great Plains Clinic of Chiropractic. We’re located in Downtown Lexington near Hwy 30 making us easy to find and centrally located. Our warm staff will assure you that you are well taken care of and should feel at home whether you are local or have traveled a ways to see us. We aim to make this an all-around easy and pleasant experience. It’ll only take two visits to get you settled in and on your way to meeting your goals. So, please, come on in and join the family!

Your First Visit

First things first – we need to know a little bit about you. This means you’ll fill out a small amount of paperwork for our files before beginning a consultation and examination to identify the problem, and on-site x-rays. But, don’t worry–Dr. Steve will get you in and out of this preliminary visit in 30-45 minutes.

We typically do not adjust patients on the first visit.

Your Second Visit

This is it – the x-rays are in and we know what needs to be done to get you where you need to be physically. You and Dr. Steve will briefly discuss the issue at hand and come up with a plan that works for you. It will only take 20-30 minutes and you’ll be feeling great as Dr. Steve will give you your 1st adjustment after going over your x-rays.

You’ll always have the opportunity to ask any questions that you’re wondering about—in fact, we encourage patients to become an active member of their chiropractic care.

Moving Forward

The hard part is done after the first two visits and it was actually pretty easy, right? The following visits will take 10-15 minutes. We will educate you as we go and make sure you know the why and what of our chiropractic journey together.

Book Your Time Today

We’d love the opportunity to meet yourself and your family—if you’d like to get started with chiropractic care, contact our practice today to get started.

New Patients | (308) 324-6000