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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Steve adjusting patientHave you tried everything to ease your pain yet still feel uncomfortable? Unfortunately, many people are unaware of where exactly their pain stems from and therefore don’t know where to start in order to fix it. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, limb pain and various other discomforts experienced throughout the body often can be traced back to the spine. The strain on muscles, ligaments and nerves can cause numerous symptoms that make life difficult.

Lexington Chiropractor Dr. Steve finds the bones in the spine that aren’t moving the way they’re supposed to and gently uses his hands to make the adjustment. Through chiropractic care, patients can begin to feel relief that greatly improves their life.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

We don’t always know all the ways our condition is hindering our everyday well-being. Besides basic symptom relief, chiropractic care will seep into your daily life in more positive ways than you might think.

Just a few benefits are:

  • Feeling at ease and relaxed
  • Better mood
  • Improved sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Heightened body function and immunity
  • Stress relief

Dr. Steve adjusting infant

Our Techniques and Services

Dr. Steve primarily uses the Gonstead System– an approach that relies on manual adjustments that is often hailed as the “gold standard” of chiropractic care. During an adjustment, Dr. Steve will locate the misalignment and gently uses his hands to address the problems his patients come to him with. However, in the process of discovering the issue and creating a chiropractic plan, he uses whatever is necessary to get the patient feeling better and set to achieve their health and body function potential.

Dr. Steve educates his patients as he works with them so that the individual knows how chiropractic works and why he is using that particular technique to heal them. Each patient can take that information and remain aware as they gain the ability to live their most fulfilling life.

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable

A patient might come to Dr. Steve after having tried many things and feeling failed by the systems they have gone to for help. Conversely, a patient might also come to him without ever having attempted Chiropractic care and with a little reluctance. Dr. Steve’s confidence in his practice will soothe any anxieties one may harbor regarding this type of health care. He’ll find what works for you by addressing your problem with a tailored plan of action whether you’ve had a bad experience or no experience at all.

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If you’re wondering how chiropractic care can benefit yourself or your family, we’d love to speak with you. Get started today by booking your first appointment with us—you’ll be happy you did.

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